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Our Doggie owners have some of the nicest things to say about us!
"We take our little Roxy (Boston Terrier) to Aunt Kate's 3 days a week and let me tell you, Roxy loves Aunt Kates!!!! ... I recommend Kate's services to everyone I know!!! Kate's house is like Roxy's second home. Thank you Kate for all you do for us, we greatly appreciate you"
"Our bichon is more than a spoiled dog, she's our little princess. We investigated a number of places that we felt comfortable leaving her for a week and Aunt Kate's was like a second home. Kate and Peter are so good with the dogs and they all seemed so happy to be there. When we returned to pick up our princess, she wasn't sure whether she wanted to come home or stay. We love Aunt Kate and Peter."
"Holy Moly, what a great deal - I took my two pugs to visit 'Aunt Kate' and I was pleased and surprised that my two active beasties didn't run her ragged. Special food (different for each of them), injection (for a fee - which was agreeable), and lets just face it their a couple of spoiled, high-maintenance dogs - none of this bothered Kate or Peter and my dogs came home happy. Now I take them regularly, and they are excited when we arrive, pulling at the leash and wagging their little curled tails. I have never had a better string of experiences with a doggie day-care and they're not going anywhere else now when I travel."
"If you consider your pet a treasured member of your family, you’re going to love Aunt Kate’s Pampered Pooches. We have a tiny, teacup Pomeranian who is quite sure she isn’t a dog; at Aunt Kate’s she is treated with the same tender loving care she gets at home. ... Our dog, though small, is always comfortable, safe and truly seems to look forward to her trips to Aunt Kate where she plays with her friends! ... Their integrity is beyond reproach; I can’t recommend Aunt Kate’s Pampered Pooches highly enough!"
Sparky's Mom says: "Hi Kate & Peter, Sparky & I sure do love you and sincerely appreciate you having Sparky in your home."
"We have trusted Aunt Kate and Peter to care for our sweet little Bitsy now for almost 5 years, whenever we have to go out of town.  She loves to go there and feels at home with them.  We are so happy to have found this caregiver for our precious little dog."
Winnie's Mom says: "Again thank you for taking such great care of Winnie. I love the pictures of Winnie, and of Winnie and the cat. Thank you so much."
Elly mae's Mom and Dad say: "A little something for taking care of our baby girl while we were away. Thanks."
Milo's Mom says: "Bless you for all the
wonderful things you do."
"We have used Aunt Kate's for years when we traveled and absolutely recommend her pet sitting services! Your dog will be treated to a calm, home environment where visiting dogs are treated like family. Kate ensures her guests' diet and medications are followed per your instructions. This is a topnotch service!"