Aunt Kate's Pampered Pooches Photo Gallery

Amber watching over her guests.

Brooms are toys, aren't they?

But Kate, cat's are for chasing aren't they?

But, Aunt Kate I really, really want to.

Cashmere Kate, why do you have Cashmere on my couch?

Come on Tuffy, laugh; she thinks she's being funny again.

Did I do something wrong?

Enjoying the spring sun.

Girls can too play when they've got the ball.

Hey Pete, you make me happy.

How many is too many, we don't know yet.

I told you I was Princess.

I'll just hang around up here and watch.

I'm coming Pete, I'm coming, slow and steady.

I'm taking care of my baby.

It is too a laughing matter.

It's tulip time in the NW.

King Chester, Lion in Charge.

Kisses, so many to kiss so litle time.

Maggie waiting for Pete to get dinner ready.

Moose guarding the front yard.

Nap time, no people allowed.

OK, lets take our walk now.

Peace, it's wonderful.

Peek a boo, I see you.

Puppies and Grannies both love naps in the sun.

Ripley and Josie playing with Pete.

Ripley and Maisey sharing a toy.

Sitting in the sunshine watching for Mom.

Treat time warrents a trick.

Trying on the new sweater.

What's next Kate?

Whatcha doing Pete?

Yup, this leopard put up a good fight but I won in the end.
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