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About Us & Fees

In 2003, Kate retired from 30 years in Real Estate. Since then she has been taking care of other peoples dogs in her home. The dog care started out as favors for friends and grew into what is now Aunt Kate's Pampered Pooches. 

When Kate was working in real estate and previewing homes with groups of sales agents, it was her job to go in ahead of the rest of the agents and hold back the Dobermans so no one would get eaten. No one ever did. Dogs and Kate talk the same language. You can reach her at 425-308-7865.

The other half of the Aunt Kate's team is Kate's son, Peter. Peter has been with Aunt Kate's from the beginning, but splits his time between Aunt Kate's and his other job, which is Computer Repair.

If your computer is stressing you out, Peter would be happy to come over and make you and your computer happy again.

You can contact Peter at 425-218-7786. 

If you would like to see what some of our friends have said about us you can find that on our Testimonials page.

Fees Schedule

$40.00 per day for the first dog, for overnight.
$20.00 for each additional dog. 
  If you drop off your doggie after 5 PM, it is a half day charge. 
  If you pick up your doggie before 10 AM, there is no charge for  that day 
  If you pick up your doggie during the day, it will be $25.00 for that day.